Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #178: "Duotangle by the Letter!"

This week's challenge on the diva's blog is to duotangle by the letter. For me this means that I will be using tangles that start with I and L. I'm still on holiday, but luckily I found myself a table this week, so tangling is easier :-)

The tangles I used are Inapod and LinQ. Great tangles!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Diva's Challenge #177

While I am really enjoying my holiday, I still like to zentangle away ;-) I miss my own table (sometimes there is no table at all) but that won't keep me from getting my paper and pens and finding a way to, for example, participate on the Diva's Challenge. This week we were asked to try out Truffle. I found it quite hard to use it in a balanced way, but I can blame the missing table ;-)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #176: "B.Y.O.B"

This week's challenge is all about beverage (Bring Your Own Beverage)! Being a tea-addict, it was obvious to me that I would use some of my favorite drink. I prepared a tile yesterday and put some tangles in today, while drinking a 'cuppa tea'.

This is my first coloured tile, and I noticed again that I am still a newbie to zentangle. Could use much more experience, which I am getting by participating on these wonderful Diva Challenges. It's so much fun!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #175: UMT - Crux

This week's Diva challenge is to try out the tangle Crux by Henrike Bratz. It's a beautiful tangle which looks easier to draw than it is. A real challenge ;-)

Since 'crux' is not just the name of a tangle, but also the name of constellation of 5 stars, I decided to combine the two. This resulted in a tile that looks quite dark to me, but hey: I'm inspired by a dark starry sky :-)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Weekly Challenge #174: Superimposing Strings

This is the first time I'm participating on the weekly challenge from I am the diva. I like the idea of getting challenged to try new things - even though I'm fairly new to the zentangle addiction ;-)
It's also very nice to see how other people work out these challenges.

So here's my attempt to superimpose two strings and tangle away: