Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Joey's challenge #92

Today I filled Joey's gift string with some patterns: Starburst, Cracked, Heartstrings and Hibred. I imagine the gift is holding a present both for myself (new challenges by Joey in 2016) ánd for Joey herself: more entries by me in 2016 :-))

Thanks for the tangle fun you gave me this year, Joey! Happy Holidays and a great New Year for you and whoever visits my blog :-)


  1. What a lovely "gift"! I especially love how you've drawn "Starburst". I've not seen that one before. Beautiful work as always! Thank you so much for your regular visits to my blog and for leaving such generous and thoughtful comments. You are so encouraging;-)

  2. Oh what a wonderful present (tile) and such lovely thoughts. I hope you have a day filled with happiness tomorrow.