Friday, 8 January 2016

Joey's challenge #94

Participating in Zenuari (daily!) means there's not much time left to create other tiles. Today, I have a more time to relax, so I started with Joey's challenge.

She has composed a new theme to think about the next couple of weeks: music inspired artwork. 

To answer this week's question: whether I prefer to play music while tangling or not, really depends on my state of mind. I do both, but this tile was created while music played. I don't think it influenced the result though ;-)


  1. gorgeous tile Ilse! I love the patterns you chose to compliment "Retro"...that wispy pattern is really nice with Zedbra? I think that's the name. Well done!

  2. I love your b flat. Especially the Jawz in the middle.

  3. Nice! I like the contrast Jawz provides.

  4. Such a great combination of tangles! Thank you, Ilse!