Sunday, 28 January 2018

Joey’s challenge #200

Congratulations with 200 wonderful challenges, Joey!

About two weeks ago, my husband ended up in hospital unexpectately :-( He’s still there, getting better a bit every day. We’ve had two heavy weeks in which there really was no time for tangling. 

So, I’m glad today I could pick up my pens to create an entry for Joey’s 200th! She chose string #165 for us and the pattern Exeter. You see that one in the middle and Chillon and Crux around it. Glad to be back :-)


  1. Ondanks het spijtige bericht is het toch fijn te lezen dat het inmiddels wat beter gaat met je echtgenoot. Je moet blijven geloven in de goede medische zorg in de lage landen. Ze kunnen echt heel veel, daar kan ik over meespreken.

    Het is goed om ook, in deze moeilijkere periode te blijven tangelen, zeker als je elke keer zo'n prachtig werk aflevert. Heel leuke kompositie, combinatie van tangles en contrast!!!

  2. Wonderful contrast in your tile Ilse :-))

  3. I like your tile very much, especially the contrast in it.

  4. Sending healing wishes to your husband and love and strength to you. I hope tangling helps you relax and take day by day.

  5. Ilse, so sorry to read about your husband being in hospital, but I'm glad he is getting better every day. Prayer has been sent for him, and for you, also.

    I really like your tile, especially the way you've done a reverse coloring on that side tangle...can't think of the name of it.


    1. Thank you so much, Joyce!
      That tangle is called Crux.

  6. It looks like your tile corrals or masters the stress you must be going through with your husband in hospital. It is exquisite as usual. I wish him speedy recovery!