Thursday, 15 February 2018

Joey’s challenge #203

String #150 is this week’s choice of Joey and she likes us to draw Eddyper. Not my favorite... When I had drawn that tangle, I thought this tile wasn’t going to be nice, but in the end I was quite happy, thanks to Gmeiss, Tipple, Chloë and Ilana ;-)


  1. Your tile is elegant and beautiful with a wonderful depth. I like exact way of drawing in black and white.

  2. I love this Ilse! It's bold and beautiful. I had a similar reaction to the Eddyper part of the challenge but once I started to draw it, it really grew on me;-)

  3. Very pretty tile! The white space around the Eddyper really sets it apart from the other tangles. I love your choice of tangles. They are very very bold and the Chloë has such a fun look!