Tuesday, 24 February 2015

That's New to Me: N

Neuron is the pattern I chose as my new tangle for Suzy Mosh' challenge. I decided to also use a new String: #145 by Sandra. Like it!

I found it hard to add suitable patterns to Neuron, so I used Snowzags (gave me a sun-ray feeling) and Verve (love the movement in it!). 


  1. Ilse, I really like this! Neuron was lots of fun for me. I love learning new patterns, but when they are FUN also, well so much the better! I have never even seen Snowzags before. I'm going to have to try that. And I definitely need practice with Verve. Thanks for sharing this tile.

  2. Oh yeah, I am so happy that you used my string! What a wonderful tile with the patterns you chose :-)
    I love Snowzags and I must really try Verve - it's beautiful.
    Many greetings to you :-)

  3. this is very cool. I like the balance of the sharp/angular string and your neuron and snowzags, with the swirly verve and the orbs. I've never even heard of snowzags. Cool tangle! Nice tile.