Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Stacked and Tangled #5

I felt like Stacking again :-) and I used Dust Bunny, Bloom and Borbz. Take a look at the Facebook group Stacked and Tangled to see what other people are stacking ;-)


  1. That's very nice. You say you are using "Bloom" in the center? I thought that tangle was called "Garlic"? Perhaps they are the same but by different names?

  2. Hum... There seems to be a "Blooms" (with an s) on so I guess you got your pattern from elsewhere. Also Linda has both "Garlic Cloves" and "Fasset" which look just like each other and like your "Bloom". I see no real difference between them other than a bit more regularity in the size of each "bulb" in your "Bloom" and "Fasset" while "Garlic Cloves" is a bit more random in size and placement -- but basicly the.same pattern. I say all this as I'm a bit confused. Being self-taught AND unable to post anything [silly computer!], I can't even show someone my work, so as to get some instruction. There are so many patterns, just on Tangle Patterns, that are actually the same but by different names, that I've decided that the people of the world have now exhausted the entire source of the basic patterns that have existed. Now it's simply slight variations. But the combinations are naturally endless. Tell me your thoughts on these things please? Thank you so much.

    1. I understand your point, Tracy. There are so many different patterens, that you can't know them all. At the same time: everybody can create a new pattern, so there will always be a chance that patterns do look alike.

      The difference in the 3 tangles you mention, is mainly the way they are drawn (the process to get the result). 'My' Bloom is the one that Helen Williams made. I would say Fassett had quite straight lines, Bloom is a bit more curved and Garlic Cloves had really curved lines. The end result is somewhat similar, I agree. But I also think that's it's still possible to 'invent' new patterns, look at (for example) Mel Mel by Adele Bruno.

      I'm sorry that you are not able to post anything... I hope you will be able to do so one day, because it's nice to share our work! Just to let you know: I'm self-taught too ;-) You can find quite some instruction videos at Youtube that might help.

      Keep tangling and have fun with it, that's the most important thing :-)