Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Joey's challenge #71

Joey's Monotangle Challenge arrived at the letter H of Hollibaugh. I recently did a Hollibaugh 'focus' for the Facebook group Square One. You can see it here.

Since this was not a Monotangle, and it was already on my blog, I wanted to make another one. My idea was to use string #044, tangle Hollibaugh over it and let the string decide which parts have a black background, and which parts a white. As you can see when you know pattern #044, I made a little 'mistake' ;-)

I don't mind: the result still looks nice and my husband (who doesn't know these strings) didn't notice :-)


  1. Great shading, I always forget that. Your face one tile used the arukas that Joey started these Monotangles with, I love them both.

  2. This piece is so energetic. My eye is caught up and I feel the energy. Well done, and I love your square one piece, too. Both, very well done.

  3. Very cool tile! I really like the use of the string idea. I'm gonna have to try that;-)

  4. A mistake? How can there be one? There are no mistakes in Zentangle. ^_^ Very Pretty.