Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tackle it Tuesdays that start with Y

Another challenge, this time from Artful Creations. We're asked to juist use tangles which names start with Y. There wasn't a lot of choice to me, so I used Y-Ful power (I love it!), Yew-Dee (new to me, I like it), YinLinx (also new to me and it turned out nicer than I thought) and finally Yah (which is a funny pattern, but seems to be too much in this tile).

Anyway: it was very nice to try out all these new patterns!


  1. Your tile turned out really nice. I haven't really tried YAH yet, but will have to attempt it in the future.

  2. nice tile. I'm beginning to love y-ful power. I haven't tried Yah yet either - it looks entirely too complicated! Well done