Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tackle it Tuesday tangles starting with "Z"

We arrived at the last letter of the alphabet at Artful Creations. What will be our challenge next week? Surely something we all love. I'll try to think of some suggestions for the next round.

In my Zentangle Zoo I 'must' use Zedbra ;-) - and I love it! Beautiful pattern. I had to think of what to put next to it, and I'm quite pleased with Zinger, filling up the empty spaces.


  1. Oh, wow! Love the striking use of zedbra (and just the right amount of zinger to give it a bit whimsy).

  2. Great tile. I love the zedbra and the zingers add just that touch of something that makes is so interesting.

  3. Love your work Ilse! Very sweet zedbra and zinger! (and your orange cat is so cute! I've got an orange as well.)