Sunday, 18 January 2015

Joey's weekly challenge #43

It's a late entry for Joey's challenge, but I love the idea: tangle a group of 4 tiles. Or actually, tangle 1 tile, duplicate it and create an ensemble of four 'mosaic tiles'. So, I tangled 1 tile:

and created two larger tiles by duplicating it. I found out the corners didn't line up very wel, but in the second larger tile, you don't notice it as much.

Thanks for this fun challenge, Joey!


  1. These are really cool. The first large tile is the one I like most, sort of looks like a very different type of butterfly.


  2. They looked lined up to me! Great job, a beautiful pattern.

  3. Great job. The 2 views are really different.

  4. This is a lot of fun!! Lovely!
    ~ Diane Clancy