Monday, 26 January 2015

That's new to me #4

Suzy Mosh gave us our random letter for Week #4: U. I chose Up N Down, Unruly, Unme and then... I sort of messed it up with Upholstered. This explains why there's so much black in this tile :-) It was fun to do anyway, because I learned 4 new patterns!


  1. I think the black space sets the patterns off mistake there. Great tile!

  2. This piece reminds me of a fabric store, the countertop where they cut the fabrics. And you're getting a length of ribbon to go with it, too. I agree with Suzy that the black enhances the tile. Lovely work!

  3. Lovely tile as always :-) I like the contrast in this tile. Can you tell me which pattern it is in the background? I don't really think that I know it and it looks so beautiful :-)

    1. The pattern in the background is Upholsterd. I found it quite hard to do, even though it looks quite easy ;-)

  4. Your Upholstered turned out way better than mine=) Fun challenge and a great tile!