Saturday, 7 March 2015

Izzy's tile: Shattuck Flower

This afternoon, Izzy was só relaxed! I hadn't finished this tile yet, but I couldn't resist taking a picture :-)

So, he's holding the half-finished tile and below that you can see the final result of a lovely relaxing afternoon. 


  1. What a wonderful shattuck flower... Great shading. I love it :-)

  2. I so enjoy Izzy's weekly adventures in art. Lovely tile too. :)

  3. How do you keep things so symmetrical when Zentangle is just ink to paper, then draw? I see so many that have lines, etc. that just seem too perfect. I want mine to look as nice as yours. If I go too slow the ink just pools and spreads, go faster and it's just poor workmanship. I like what I make, it's relaxing, but not "straight" like I used a straight edge, nor symmetrical. Are you, and others, really Tangling "freehand"? It's hard to see how anyone can do that. Cute Izzy, and beautiful Zentangle.

    1. Thank you for your nice comments on my latest tiles, Tracy!
      I do draw all tangles 'freehand', I try not to draw too quickly, nor too slow, because then I have the same problems that you describe. No rulers or whatsoever involved!
      Sometimes, like on this tile, I first draw some sketches with my pencil, because it's hard to get a symmetrical result straight away.
      How other tanglers work, I don't know, I never met one in person ;-)