Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Joey's challenge #54

Joey is very happy that the Spring Season has started, so this will be her theme for the next couple of weeks. This week, she asked us to tangle a Dust Bunny. I guess that's the closest I get to Spring Cleaning this week :-)


  1. Wonderful tile. I like how you created a big Dust Bunny around Dekore. Great movement between the little bunnies and the big bunny.

  2. I was wondering how to add enough weight to DB to use it as a main element. Shading!! of course. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great idea to use dust bunny as a string. Love the look it gets when you shade on the inside of the line. I didn't even think of trying that!

  4. at first glance, this reminded me of a sheep. Fluffy and curly. So cute!

  5. This is a wonderful Dust Bunny, Ilse and well worth putting off any other spring cleaning!! :) Thank you for your comment!! :)

    My friend Carolien and I are starting a new weekly challenge you might like. It starts Wed. Details at http://www.dianeclancy.com/blog/diane-caroliens-weekly-zentangle-challenge

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. You make each challenge look so effortless! Simple, crisp and beautiful are often the words that come to mind when I see your challenges.(if you can even call them a challenge!) Thank you for linking up and inspiring me each week!
    ~ joey ~